The consequences of designing businesses and products based on assumption rather than research.

Long before I was a UX designer, I opened two artisan restaurants in San Francisco. The first one was far more successful than my co-founder or I could have ever imagined, resulting in nearly a 3x return on our initial investment within an 18-month period. The second, well, the second restaurant failed within a year.

Photo by Preslie Hirsch on Unsplash

I am an experience creator. Whether I am writing, entertaining, creative directing, or designing, my underlying goal is to create unique and delightful experiences for whomever I encounter. I have built my career not on a job title, but on the pillars of storytelling, empathy, and problem solving — all in the name of cultivating joy.

Great products are the reason I decided to pursue a career in UX design.

How my hair (or lack there of) changed my identity.

“I want to shave my head,” she announced with her classical Audrey Hepburn smile mischievously crossing her face.

“NO!” the boys protested. “But Why?” they shook their heads unable to understand why such a beautiful woman would willingly destroy a core asset of her beauty.

Thereza was an artist. She wanted to see the world through the eyes of a woman without her most gender normative attribute, her hair — head hair that is.

She believed people would treat her differently, and she was right. Only she didn’t shave her head, I did.

An interesting fact about breast cancer is…

Caitlin James

UX designer, storyteller, and visual artist. Experience is life.

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